3 Coletâneas de Rock Brasileiro (shoegaze, post-rock, noise, etc): Brazilian Noisy Poetry Makers, Volumes 1-3 (2011)

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guitar-pedals 2

Tracklist Vol. 1:
01 “Thinkin On The Road” Seven2nine
02 “31st Floor” The Tamborines
03 “Airport Scene” FireFriend
04 “Autumn Nights” The Dead Superstars
05 “Sister” Wry
06 “Refratário” Bela Infanta
07 “80 Comes” Top Surprise
08 “Nunca Nunca” Lê Almeida
09 “Bury My Heart In Warsaw” Lautmusik
10 “Pornwave” L.A.B.
11 “Altough I Wish” The Transmission
12 “Young And Fresh” Some Community
13 “Empty Glasses/Full Hearts” I Kill Kane
14 “Hungry Demon” metroidE
15 “300-Megaton Lullaby” Herod Layne
16 “Bac To Life” The Soundscapes
17 “Truce” Hangin Freud
18 “Inside Diamonds” Inverness
19 “Child” Mavka
20 “Suburban Satellites” Blemish
21 “Chagas Adesivas” Viana Moog
22 “Clowns In Flames” Looking For Jenny
23 “Horse Orbinson” Dating Robots
24 “Runaway” Badhoneys
25 “A Collective Exercise Of Panic” Gray Strawberries
26 “All Gone” Loomer
27 “Louvre” Damn Laser Vampires
28 “Brejo Das Almas” Lupe De Lupe”
29 “She Floats” Lavalsa
30 “See The Sky” Neon Night Riders
31 “To Hank” Team.Radio
32 “Black Roof” Yoko 5
brazilian noisy poetry makers vol. 3
Tracklist Vol. 2:
01 Ixtlan Noisetrack “The Waiting Song”
02 Medialunas “Humming”
03 Moldavia “Stop The Broadcasts”
04 The Cigarettes “The Bore”
05 Input_output ” Antes Do Banho Quente”
06 Hierofante Púrpura “A Carta Que Eu Recebi Do Presidente”
07 S.O.M.A. “A Second Before Awakening”
08 Electric Lazybirds “Rainbirds”
09 Hangovers “O senhor Está Despedido”
10 Messias “Books Are Amulets”
11 Sin Ayuda “Country House”
12 Black Sea “Don’t Stay For Too Long”
13 Wallace Costa “Vultures”
14 Duelectrum “Chocolate Love”
15 Jennifer Lo-Fi “Troffea”
16 Copa Do Ar “Days Are Dragged”
17 Mellotrons “Colors To Reind Me”
18 Starfire Connective Sound “Electric Whore”
19 Monstro Motor “I Know”
20 Single Parents “Escape”
21 Sobre A Máquina “Fôlego”
22 Parkplatz “Frontier”
23 The Silent Party “Stalagmite”
24 Electric Mind “Sick”
25 Megadrivers “Soda Cáustica”
26 Alma Mater “Sky Kissing Cowboy”
27 Ruído/MM “Dois”
28 Red Run ” Dead Sound”
29 This Lonely Crowd “Sometimes We Only Start Again”
30 Labirinto “Anatema”
31 Color TV “Necessary Devil”
32 The Baudelaires “She’s A Queen”
brazilian noisy poetry makers vol. 2
Tracklist Vol. 3:
01 “Hiding From The Sun” Planant
02 “Better Than Us” The Voltage
03 “Morning Off (Exit 1)” Drama Beat
04 “Hot Fantasy” Carne de Monstro
05 “About Kings And Queens II” The Sorry Shop
06 “Are You Scared To Get Happy ?” Pale Sunday
07 “Half-less Love” Seamus
08 “Black Grass” AMP
09 “Amor as Putas” Iansã
10 “Everything You Think So Fun” Duyi
11 “Before” Twin Cities
12 “Unimpressed” Driving Music
13 “Curves & Curses” Fragile Arm
14 “Kostroma” Avec Silenzi
15 “Príncipe” Búfalo
16 “Anymore” Where I Belong
17 “Black Snake Rock” Orange Disaster
18 “Anne & Frank” Churrus
19 “Bells” A Red So Deep
20 “Depressurization” Escarlatina Obsessiva
21 “Don’t Mess With My Heart” Mess
22 “Burst” DJ6
23 “Angelica Bela” My MIDI Valentine
24 “I Walked All Over You” Marfusha
25 “Living Room” Superbug
26 “Modern Kidnapper” The Vain
27 “Space And Time” Beatsick Sailors
28 “Hitler Hairdo Attacks!” Serotonina
29 “Sugar Pie” Super Amarelo
30 “Loxhanxha” Dorgas
31 “Para Onde Apontam Seus Móveis” Tape Disaster
32 “Not About You” Modern Walls

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